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Professional Axes and Lumberjack Equipment

Below is the current product listing. All prices are subject to change without notice. Shipping is extra on all items. All axes include handles fitted and free sharpening. Call or use the contact page for prices.

All orders are for the United States and Canada only. For European orders or information, please contact Preben Palsgaard in Arden, Denmark by emailing p.palsgard@mail.dk.

To request information about any products, use the contact page.


Timberman or David Foster Practice/work axes w/ handle
Aussie Speed College Axe w/ handle
Aussie Speed Racing Axe w/ handle
Aussie Speed Racing Axe with a practice grind
Tuatahi Racing Axe w/ handle
Tuatahi Throwing Axe w/ handle
KeeSteel Throwing Axe w/ handle
Axe Repairs
Saw Repairs
Axes handles 28", 31", and throwing axe handles
Tasmanian Axe Covers
Spiked Shoes
Spikes and Seats for chopping spikes
Chopping safety shoes
Springboard Shoes
Springboard Shoes ground
Spring Boards
Diamond Hones
Punjab Barber Hones
M-Tooth Saws
Peg and Raker Saws
Used Equipment - contact for pricing
Lumberjack exhibitions - contact for pricing and availability
Log Rolling Logs - call for pricing and availability
Call for questions about unlisted Lumberjack Equipment
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